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  • Law-Enforcement, Cracking, apple to alter its iphone settings aims to prevent cracking by law enforcement, Iphone

    Apple to Alter its iPhone Settings, Aims to prevent Cracking by Law-Enforcement 2018-06-14 08:35:27

    Apple Inc. Proclaimed its alteration in iPhone settings in order to undermine the most favored means for law enforcement to break into the devices. According to the company, it was aiming to protect all customers, particularly in countries where phones...

    Keywords: Cracking, Cracking, Law-Enforcement, iPhone

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    Apps, Fitness, five widely used health and fitness apps, Iphone

    Five Widely Used Health and Fitness Apps 2018-07-25 12:37:45

    Health and fitness applications are becoming progressively refined, and healthcare organizations are figuring out how to embrace their use by patients. It is hard to measure the entire number of apps designed for consumers—yet, a couple years ago, the IMS...

    Keywords: Fitness, Health and Fitness, Apps, Health

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    Kerala relief fund, Kerala flood victims, kerala floods apple donates rs 7 crore for victims, Iphone

    Kerala Floods: Apple Donates Rs. 7 Crore for Victims 2018-08-25 08:50:38

    Heartbroken by the ruinous flooding in Kerala, the United States tech giant Apple on Saturday proclaimed to donate Rs. 7 crore towards the current relief work."We're heartbroken by the catastrophic flooding in Kerala. Apple is donating Rs 7 crore to...

    Keywords: Kerala flood victims, Kerala, United States, Kerala relief fund

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    Emoji, Emoji, tech giants celebrate world emoji day unveiling new emojis, Iphone

    Tech Giants Celebrate 'World Emoji Day' Unveiling New Emojis 2018-07-17 11:04:41

    The tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Twitter celebrated World Emoji Day on Tuesday with declaring most used and popular emojis, the proclamation of new ones, admitting how emojis make conversations effortless and communicative irrespective of words, among others.Apple proclaimed over...

    Keywords: Tech, Emoji, Emoji, Apple

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    Apple, Dispute, apple samsung settle seven year old u s patent dispute, Iphone

    Apple, Samsung Settle Seven-year-old U.S. Patent Dispute 2018-06-28 06:48:22

    Apple Inc, an American multinational technology company and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Wednesday settled a seven-year apparent conflict over Apple's allegations that Samsung profaned its patents by "slavishly" copying the design of the iPhone.However, terms of the statement filed...

    Keywords: Samsung, Apple, Dispute, Apple

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    Kollywood, Actor Nakkhul, actor nakkhul duped by flipkart after receiving fake iphone xs max, Iphone

    Actor Nakkhul Duped by Flipkart After Receiving Fake iPhone XS Max 2018-12-03 11:56:40

    Tamil film actor Nakkhul tweeted on Monday that he was allegedly been duped by Indian online shopping portal Flipkart when he received a fake iPhone XS MAX from them. The actor was recently seen in the film Sei. The tweet...

    Keywords: Actor Nakkhul receive fake iphone, phone, phone, identify fake iphone

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